Message from Fr Kendrick

Evey time I celebrate Mass, I bring with me all those entrusted to my care and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass on your behalf. I am also continuing to offer the Sacrifice for your requested intentions, which I will publish in the bulletin. The Church has always believed that when we are hindered from being physically present at Mass, we can participate in the Eucharist spiritually by desire, and that there is still great fruit in this. Please continue to unite yourselves with our Lord and His self-offering to the Father. May we all deepen our hunger for the Eucharist, so that when this is all over, we may once again, physically flock to the heavenly banquet.

One With God in Faith


Revised June, 2019


Marriages                               $ 150.00                                                   

Anniversaries, Reunions      $ 150.00                                                    

Documents                            $   30.00                                                     

Funerals                                 $ 150.00                                                    

CEMETERY POLICY (January 2021)

Cost for each interment right (applies to residents, non-residents, full casket burials, and applies whether cremains burials are on a new or an existing plot) 


Family Plots (minimum of four lots) For each lot an interment fee of $500 applies, as well as a $100 reservation fee


Cost for Grave Digging   Family pays charge directly to Contractor, Village or R.M.

Cost for digging cremains cavity when dug by cemetery personnel (When cavity is dug by others – ensure it is 2 feet deep

Summer $75, Winter $150

When cavity is dug by others - please ensure cavity is 2 feet deep

ALL PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE TO:  Cemetery Secretary

                   ST. BONIFACE PARISH     BOX 10,  GOODSOIL, SK S0M1A0 


The fees suggested are not for the sacraments. Sacraments are human celebrations which include, at the center, Christ’s action of grace to His people. Sacraments are spiritual events and no fee can pay for them. The use of the parish facilities (church, office, cemetery, etc.) incurs expenses: utilities, taxes, and maintenance. The sacramental events involve time and salaries to prepare them, secretarial time for the preparation of the necessary documentation for the parish, the Diocesan Chancery office and even the Department of Vital Statistics. 6-8 hours of pastor time, secretary time, church facility time for both weddings and funerals. Church choir members might be providing the service of music ministry. If there are extenuating circumstances, whereby someone is unable to remit prescribed fees, these circumstances can be discussed with the pastor, the parish administrator, or parish council.

WHERE DO THE FEES GO? The fees go to the parish and not to the presider. The parish in turn is responsible to pay the salary of the pastor and to cover the expenses of any other presider involved in ministry within its boundaries. Special gifts to the presider are over and above fees to the parish, and should be clearly identified. The pastor or paid pastoral employee of the parish will not receive special remuneration for a funeral prayer service. The fees collected will go to the parish.

Organists, musicians, soloist fees and lunches are not covered by these fees. These are to be financed according to arrangements made with those requesting their services. If someone requests a presider from outside the parish, it is their responsibility to compensate adequately. In this case the suggested fee to be made by those requesting the visiting presider is $100.00 plus traveling expenses, over and above fees to the parish. If the parish brings in another presider, the parish will then provide remuneration to the presider according to the preset diocesan scale.

DOCUMENTS Baptism certificates or other similar document from the parish records, for church purposes, have no fee charged. If such documents are requested for civil purposes, e.g. driver’s license, pension plan, etc. a fee of $30.00 will be collected.