Message from Fr Kendrick

Evey time I celebrate Mass, I bring with me all those entrusted to my care and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass on your behalf. I am also continuing to offer the Sacrifice for your requested intentions, which I will publish in the bulletin. The Church has always believed that when we are hindered from being physically present at Mass, we can participate in the Eucharist spiritually by desire, and that there is still great fruit in this. Please continue to unite yourselves with our Lord and His self-offering to the Father. May we all deepen our hunger for the Eucharist, so that when this is all over, we may once again, physically flock to the heavenly banquet.

One With God in Faith


Contact Father @ or 306-238-2006

A Message from Father Kendrick

      We should be very grateful that we can celebrate Mass. We are continuing to follow the public health guidelines, and as Christians, we are obligated to be good witnesses by adhering to them in full obedience. Remember that it’s not about doing great things, but small things with great love. 

       Mass attendance will be limited and will be by registration only (contact me to register) for Sunday masses. Seating may be assigned as we need to space people out evenly. Our aisles are not wide enough to walk down and keep social distancing while people are seated, so it will work best if we fill the front pews first, and have people at the back exit first. There will be no singing, as we tend to form more virus-spreading droplets when we sing . Father will bring communion to the communicants at their seat.

       People who are 65 or older or who’s health is compromised, are cautioned to be aware of the risk involved in attending a public gathering. The Sunday obligation is still dispensed, and some may prudently decide to stay home. As is the case in all public places, if you have symptoms, have traveled abroad, or been in contact with an infected person, you must self isolate for 14 days and, for the sake of others, may not enter the church. 
     Non-medical masks are mandatory to wear throughout the duration of the celebration.   According tho the Sask Public Health Measures “Non-medical or cloth face coverings can play an important role in situations and community settings where physical distancing is not possible or is unpredictable….” So please do bring a mask when you come to Mass. We will have some on hand for those who forget or do not have one, but we ask people to bring their own. Thank you for your compliance, and don’t forget to offer up your inconveniences as penance for the conversion of sinners.

       See mass times and locations in the bulletin.

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