Message from Fr Kendrick

Evey time I celebrate Mass, I bring with me all those entrusted to my care and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass on your behalf. I am also continuing to offer the Sacrifice for your requested intentions, which I will publish in the bulletin. The Church has always believed that when we are hindered from being physically present at Mass, we can participate in the Eucharist spiritually by desire, and that there is still great fruit in this. Please continue to unite yourselves with our Lord and His self-offering to the Father. May we all deepen our hunger for the Eucharist, so that when this is all over, we may once again, physically flock to the heavenly banquet.

One With God in Faith


Cemetery Committee Chair                                                       Rudy Weber (238-4603 / 238-7721)

Cemetery Secretary                                                                           Laura Kennedy (306-381-4097 / 306-238-2222)                                    email:

OWNERSHIP: the St. Boniface Church and Cemetery are church owned, with the Certificate of Title in the name of “La Corporation Episcopale, Catholique Romaine De Prince Albert”.   The ultimate authority and responsibility rests with the Bishop of the Prince Albert Diocese, in Saskatchewan.

LOCAL AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY: at present, a 5-person cemetery committee appointed by, and is subject to, the Parish Pastoral Council (PC). Our resident Pastor, our Deacon and PC chair may enlarge the committee to 8 voting members at meetings.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: briefly the cemetery committee provides the day-to-day operations on the cemetery property.  Responsibilities include marking cemetery plots for immediate and future use. Supervise and assist contractors who excavate graves.  Deal with the grieved family members and Funeral Homes at the gravesite prior to, and after burial.  Similar assistance is provided to those using cremains burial.  Additional cemetery committee duties also include supervising, arranging and assisting with summer grass cutting, herbicide and pesticide use, working on sunken graves, erecting necessary fencing and winter snow removal.  The cemetery committee meets as often as deemed necessary.

WHO CAN USE THE CEMETERY?  The cemetery is open to all denominations.  Anyone from Goodsoil and District may be buried there.  We also allow people who do not live in Goodsoil, Catholic or otherwise, to be buried in our cemetery.  This does not mean that everyone will be given a religious service by the church.

FINANCIAL POLICY:  As far as possible, the cost of maintenance of the cemetery should be covered by those who use the cemetery and not the parish.  We must also look ahead to the day when the families of those buried in the cemetery may be gone and the parish is left with the maintenance of a much larger number of graves.  To this end, we wish, not only to meet the yearly expenses, but to set up a Cemetery Fund.  The interest from this Cemetery Fund will help maintain the cemetery in the foreseeable future.


Because of periodic high-water tables in the old cemetery, burials will now be allowed in both old and new cemeteries – family members are free to choose.  Additionally, those who have prepaid their plots may choose the old or new cemetery.

BURIALS (Body in coffin or ashes in urn):  Policy allows the following maximum per plot: one (1) body (coffin) burial plus two (2) cremains burial OR maximum two (2) cremains burial.

The name plates of those buried (body or cremated) will be placed or named on the same marker or headstone.  The cost of the first burial (only) will be included in the price of each plot, whether residents or non-resident. Residents use resident chart prices, and non-residents use non-resident chart prices.

The new cemetery has a section of cremation plots that are 7' wide x 6' deep.  Policy allows two (2) cremains burial per cremation plot.

The old cemetery will continue to be used for regular coffin and cremains burial, whereas the new cemetery will have an additional FAMILY PLOT FEATURE. (see next page).


                                                           RESIDENT*                   NON-RESIDENT*     

Cost for each regular cemetery plot (This includes one body or one cremains burial)

                                                             $250                                    $500

Cost for cremation plots (This includes one cremains burial)

                                                            $250                                    $500

Cost for family plots (Minimum 4 in a block- plot can be reserved)

                                                            $1,400                               $2,800

Cost for cremain burial (On an existing plot)                             

                                                           $150                                   $300

Cost for church use- funeral                                  

                                                           $150                                    $300

Cost for grave digging:           Family pays charge directly to Contractor, Village, or R.M.

Cost for digging cremain cavity when dug by cemetery personnel                                                                                         Summer=$75    Winter = $150

When cavity is dug by others - ensure 2 feet deep                            

None of the above fees go to the Father/Deacon, any honoraria for them is subject to individual preference.

 *    A Resident is one who has resided within the Goodsoil District boundaries during the past 12 twelve months and has a permanent legal residence, the resident pays municipal taxes, likely has a P.O. Box and is involved in the church/community.   The ‘Resident’ boundaries are the East portion of RM. of Beaver River #622, namely Div. 1, 3, 4.                 

Note:  Payments for plots & burials are made to cemetery secretary                                                                     

LOCATION OF PLOT:  The parish determines where people are to be buried unless they have a prepaid or reserved plot. The location of the plot will be decided by the cemetery committee and cemetery plan. Plots can only be reserved in the Family Plot location in new cemetery.

FAMILY PLOTS: The resident and non-resident purchasers of family plots, will both be allowed to bury residents or non-residents.  

Whether residents or non-residents purchased four (4) or more family plots, the number of plots purchased will determine the total number of burials (body or cremains) that are covered by the plot purchase. i.e. If a total of four plots (4) plots have been purchased, the first four burials in that family plot section are exempt from burial charges.  Every burial over the number of plots purchased, will pay the resident or non-resident rates.

NOTE: Church use or graveside service rates, for residents or non-residents apply to each and every burial.

PREPAID/”reserved” SPOUSAL  PLOTS: Only the spouse of the person buried is allowed to “reserve” a plot beside that person.  To “reserve” a spousal plot notify the cemetery committee chair soon after the funeral. If nothing is said within a month after a funeral, we will assume there is no wish to “reserve” a plot.  To “reserve” a spousal cemetery plot, payment in full ($250. or $500.) must be made.  Family plots are exempt from this “reserve” provision.

PREPAYMENT OF PLOTS:  Residents and non-residents may prepay (regular or cremain) plots by making payment in full ($ 250./ $500.).  The location of the plot will be determined upon death and will follow the cemetery plan.

CARE OF GRAVES:  The Parish wishes to encourage families to take care of the graves of their deceased loved ones.  We wish also to ensure that the entire Cemetery is neat and clean.  To accomplish this, we require that every grave and grave marker be set up so that it can be maintained by cutting the grass with a mower, without the use of a grass whip or hoe or hand weeding.  This means that as soon as possible after the burial. the mound be removed and the grave covered with black soil and seeded to grass.  This should be done within 6 months.  More soil and seed can be added later. The parish will try to maintain the cemetery as a lawn, and we ask you to make this as easy and economical for us as possible. The Parish reserves the right to make the final decision as to what is adequate maintenance of a grave.  If inadequate, the Parish reserves the right to complete the necessary maintenance and collect from family members.

PLANTING OF TREES AND SHRUBS is prohibited and such plantings will be removed.

MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES AND MARKERS:  Monuments, Headstones and Markers must be permanent. That is, they should be made so that the monument itself and the writing on it will last at least 50 years.  Wooden crosses/wooden monuments are no longer allowed.  Stone and iron markers with engraved lettering are acceptable.  No grave covers are allowed, although some exceptions might be made for graves in the old section of the cemetery.  There is no restriction as to the size of the monument, however we request that the marker or monument should be placed on a concrete footing.  The top of this footing should be at ground level and it should be at least 4 inches larger on all 4 sides than the marker or monument.  Grave Markers shall be placed at the head of the grave on the approved base in a straight continuous row.  This applies to all cremations as well.  This is so that the grass can be cut around the marker with a grass mower, without the use of a grass whip.

All Monuments/Headstones must fit within plot.                            

CONCERNING EXISTING GRAVES:  We would ask that the families and next of kin of those already interred in our cemetery, try their best to make old graves conform to these policies as well.  We would like all the grave markers to have concrete footings as described above, and we would like anything that makes grass cutting difficult to be removed.  Some markers may need to be raised, lowered, or levelled, or the ground around the marker may need to be groomed so that an ordinary 20” lawn mower can cut around them.

GRAVE DIGGING PROCEDURE:  Please get in touch with one of the following people to determine the location of the grave and make arrangements for grave digging.  The family is responsible for the cost of grave digging, with payment to be made to the contractor.

   Rudy Weber @  238-4603 / 238-7721,   Leo Hetlinger @  238-4528 /  238-7789             

  * Only the Village of Goodsoil, the R.M. of Beaver River #622 or local authorized contractors may dig graves.

 NOTE: Since 2005, a ‘Fibreglass Vault’ cover will replace the previously used ‘Rough Box’.                                                                                                                

OWNERSHIP: The Parish (under the Diocese) retains the ownership of the land and the right to determine and change the policy for the cemetery.  The Parish retains the right to judge whether a particular grave is in conformity with this Policy.


         (a) The Parish is not responsible for any damage to monuments or cremain plaques during the digging and

          closing of new graves, or during maintenance and grass-cutting on the cemetery grounds.  Backhoes are not

          allowed in the old section of the cemetery.      

         (b) Prior to body or cremain burials, any type of construction or monument placement, a member of the

          cemetery committee must be notified (and be present).  Any unapproved activity, maintenance or

          construction may be removed without notice.

         (c) Floral arrangements for loved ones recently interred, may be left for a reasonable grieving time, but not

          indefinitely.  For older burials, floral arrangements may be placed on a grave a week before a holiday or

          anniversary, but should be removed after two weeks.   After such time, they may be removed and discarded. 

          The cemetery will not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, broken vases, etc.          

          (d) Chemicals which will sterilize the ground and kill grass are not allowed.

          (e) When there is uncertainty regarding the category of “resident” or “non-resident” or some related matter, the

           pastor together with the cemetery committee chair and parish council chair will make a ruling.            

If you have any questions about this policy, please call the Pastor of St. Boniface Parish at 238-2006, Cemetery Committee Chair Rudy Weber (238-4603 / 238-7721) or Laura Kennedy, cemetery secretary (381-4097 / 238-2222), or email to


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