Message from Fr Kendrick

Evey time I celebrate Mass, I bring with me all those entrusted to my care and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass on your behalf. I am also continuing to offer the Sacrifice for your requested intentions, which I will publish in the bulletin. The Church has always believed that when we are hindered from being physically present at Mass, we can participate in the Eucharist spiritually by desire, and that there is still great fruit in this. Please continue to unite yourselves with our Lord and His self-offering to the Father. May we all deepen our hunger for the Eucharist, so that when this is all over, we may once again, physically flock to the heavenly banquet.

One With God in Faith


REVISED-December, 2019                                              

After your loved one has deceased, there are several things to do.  

Regular funeral or cremation?  Hopefully this has been decided by the family members before this time, but sometimes that is impossible.

Make an appointment with Fr. Kendrick (306-238-2006), or Deacon Al Hinger (306-819-0077) about conducting a church or graveside service.  Upon request and approval, all faith denominations may use the facilities at St. Boniface Parish.  There is a church use fee of $150.  Note: You may also give an honorarium to the clergy.

Have possible dates and times in mind for the Prayer Service (Wake) and the Funeral Service, but be flexible.  The church community is here to help as much as possible during this difficult time.

Be prepared to select readings, and readers, choose Mass servers, decide who will read the Intention prayers, who will take up the gifts, do you want the CWL to collect for Masses? Is there a short eulogy?

The music ministry contacts are Charlene Schamber (238-2172) and Melanie Hankey (238-4583).Perhaps you have musicians in your family and want to have them for the service.When you contact the music ministers, be prepared to suggest selections that you want sung at the service.

After your visit with the pastor and dates and times have been decided; and if you plan to have lunch after the service, you should book the hall.  To book the hall for lunch, call Jeannette Martin (306-238-2112).  The family is responsible for setting up tables and chairs (and taking down).  If you want the CWL to prepare the lunch call Lucille Martin (306-238-4734) or you can make your own arrangements.  The CWL does not charge for this service, but there is a charge for the food cost of $3.00 per plate.  Other donations to the CWL are greatly appreciated.

A cemetery committee member must be contacted for the location of the grave.  Rudy Weber (238-4603) is the cemetery committee chair and contact person  The cost of the grave digging is between the family and the contractor.

Before going to the Funeral Home, decide how much you wish to spend, have all necessary documents with you, know the dates and times of services, do you want an open coffin before the funeral? Do you want to have the body at the funeral service and then cremation, or do you want the cremains at the service? Be prepared with a write-up of the deceased that can be put on the funeral card and obituary.  The funeral home often inserts the obituary into the local newspaper.  They will need pertinent facts.

Church Use/Cemetery Fees: ‚ÄčIt is mutually beneficial if families are informed that Church and Cemetery fees may be mailed to St. Boniface Parish, Box 10, Goodsoil, S0M 1A0.  Please request a copy of the Cemetery Policy from the cemetery secretary, Laura Kennedy (306-381-4097).